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    1.Wall of books —  Amsterdam

    2.Bookstore Mural — Pittsboro

    3.Inside a Bookshelf —  Sweden

    4.Library Mural — Poland

    5.Flying Books — San Francisco

    6.Heart, Culture and Pedagogy — Canada

    7.La Bibliotèque De La Cité — France

    8.Larchmere Mural — Ohio

    9.Duluth Public Library - Minnesota

    10.Transformer Books —  Russia

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    Think big, tiny dreamer.

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  5. Umba Umba a Rickey Tickey Tumba

    I was reading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone” to my little cousin Ella tonight and Firenze had just told Harry what drinking a unicorn’s blood would do when Ella exclaimed, “OH MY GOODNESS IT HAS TO BE SNAPE! HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD DO SOMETHING BAD SO THAT HE COULD GAIN SOMETHING FOR HIMSELF! HE IS THE ONLY ONE! PLEASE TELL ME IT’S SNAPE!”  

    I will forever love the way these books make children feel.  Always. 


  6. Project For Awesome: Girl Rising!

    Hey everyone!

    It’s that wonderful time of year where everyone who is anyone on the internet decides to get together and raise money for charities! Julia and I decided to do a video on the charity Girl Rising!  Girl Rising tries to get all girls around the world education.  What could be bad about that?

    It would be great if you voted on it, or at least voted on other Project For Awesome videos that you think are super cool!  All of the charities are awesome so even if you think ours is the worst video you’ve ever seen, help decrease the suckiness in the world by voting on another one!




  7. The Immaturity of College Students

    So yesterday was one of those days in college where everyone goes off to watch our modern day gladiators fight it out on the football field.  I wasn’t there because, well, I really don’t care about football even a little bit, but I feel like I really could’ve been there the whole time after all the talk and news.  Apparently, Mary Sue Coleman, the current president of the University of Michigan, spoke at the game during the halftime show.  Now everyone (including Michigan students) is obsessed with the idea that her speech was drunkenly given and that this, somehow, makes her a horrible person that should be made fun of, and by association, the school a horrible school that should be made fun of as well.  Now I’m not one to be all up in that “Go Blue!” business, heck, I usually put on a yellow shirt to pretend I’m patriotic or spirited or whatever just so people don’t bug me about it, but I find there to be a lot of problems to this ridiculous argument.

    First, it does not matter even the slightest if Mary Sue was drunk.  She is over 21 and she can therefore legally drink alcohol at practically anytime.  The majority of the Big House is drunk on game day, so why should she be any different?  Does this really give means to make her a joke?

    Second, I listened to the video.  To me, it sounds more like someone who is a nervous public speaker, sick, or recovering from a stroke.  All of these things are serious and require zero need for rude comments.  I don’t know if any of these things are the case, and they could very well likely not be, but they are certainly things to consider.  After this year, Mary Sue is retiring from her position as president.  Did anyone consider that maybe this poor woman is just sick or tired.  She was just trying to make some encouraging statements at a game that wasn’t happening to go very well for the school she works at.  Is there any need to punish her in her final year, or ever for that matter?

    Third, just because people have created these silly rivalries between schools, doesn’t mean they have to use humans to fuel these rivalries.  That is a manipulation that removes people from other people in a way that just doesn’t make any sense. Why should anyone be mean to her, or anyone else?  People get all excited when their team beats the other team at a game of football.  They scream and shout that they are the best, but they actually didn’t do anything.  They didn’t play for hours and hours against a bunch of big hulking men, so they didn’t do anything at all.  And how does one define best, anyways?  Best at what?  Certainly not being genuine human beings if you feel the need to be mean to others for the pure joy of it. 

    Basically, I’m writing this post to ask everyone to stop being so cruel.  Think deeper about the situation.  Maybe President Coleman was drunk.  Maybe she wasn’t.  Does it really matter?  I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the answer is no.  

    Also, I would say this about anyone, not just the president of my school, so I don’t need any annoying comments about that. However, if you would like to leave a comment about humanity or anything of the sort, I’d love to read them.  

  8. I have a friend who always gets the film posters for her favorite books turned into movies. She wanted the one for Divergent but she wasn’t a huge fan of the semi scary picture of Tris in the shadows. She was kinda sad so I told her I’d make her my own version instead. This is the end result!

  9. I have a friend who always gets the film posters for her favorite books turned into movies. She wanted the one for Divergent but she wasn’t a huge fan of the semi scary picture of Tris in the shadows. She was kinda sad so I told her I’d make her my own version instead. This is the end result!


  10. The End of Your Comfort Zone

    Every day I tell my roommate that I want to quit school and travel the world.  Everyday she laughs and says, “I know”.  It isn’t always that I don’t like a class or am stressed or anything.  Usually I would just rather be off in Africa on some Safari.  Or seeing a play at the Globe.  Or swimming the Great Barrier Reef.  Or climbing the Great Wall of China.  One day I want to go to every continent.  (So far I’ve been to five out of seven so if you feel like donating to the cause I wouldn’t say no.) After that I’ll hit up every country.  Sometime I’ll even make it to every state. (That one shouldn’t be too hard, right?) 

    I have a friend with a tattoo of the map of the entire world on his arm.  Well, minus Antarctica.  Every time he goes somewhere he marks it on the map just like I mark the map on my wall.  He has been to so many places that I can only imagine going to.  Today I talked to him all about the at least five different places he plans to go in the upcoming year.  Let me tell you… wow!  He has it all figured out.  He says that they are all just ideas, but how many people have done great things without just an idea? Yeah.  That’s what I thought.

    I’m on my way, but I’m definitely nowhere near there yet.  And guess what?! I don’t care!  That’s half the fun!  I get to spend my time thinking and planning and dreaming of all the adventures I will make sure that I have.  I’m so excited!  

    I just felt like I needed to share that with you all today.  Go travel and see the world.  You’ll be better off for it.  Trust me.